Service and maintenance

Through our mother company A/S Hvide Sande Skibs- & Baadebyggeri, Seasight offers a service agreement as subscription.

For further information regarding service agreements please contact Seasight.

Shore connections:

The dwelling is prepared connected to:
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Sewerage
  • Phone
  • district heating

Service og Service and maintenance

Through our mother company Hvide Sande Skibs- & Baadebyggeri, Seasight offers service and maintenance of the houseboat.

Hvide Sande Skibs- & Baadebyggeri have the facilities and staff to perform this job and therefore offers to service and maintain WBC, Switzer or the CUBO dwellings.

The shipyard provides the services according to order or by making a service agreement with the client.

The service agreements are made individually and matched the requirements and wishes from our clients.

Our clients can choose what maintenance the wish to perform and which services they want to leave to the shipyard.

The list shows the service recommended and provided by Hvide Sande Skibs- & Baadebyggeri.


      Every second year.

  • Inspection of mooring arrangements
  • Inspection and cleaning of zinc anodes and replacements if necessary
  • Cleaning hull on the outside
  • Oiling of window and door hardware
  • Inspection of gangway
  • Testing of bilge water alarms and bilge pump
  • Inspection of shore connections
  • Inspection of waste water pump
  • Cleaning of roof gutter

      Every fourth year.

  • Offers cleaning, spot priming and twice painting of all outdoor woodwork included doors and windows.

      Every tenth year

  • Bringing the dwelling on land to make inspection of the bottom and high-pressure cleaning of the hull.
  • Painting and surface treatment of bottom if necessary
  • Replacement of zinc anodes as required
  • Inspection of flow ability and stability (only relevant if large changes in the construction of the dwelling have been carried out)
For budgets on maintenance, service agreement and further information, please contact Seasight.

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